Fundraising Events

The annual Coast Hotels Just Golf Tournament & Dinner Party is Just Aid's principal fundraiser. The 10th and last annual tournament was held on September 10, 2012 at the Marine Drive Golf Club. It was another success, raising about $48,000. A full description of the event will be posted soon.

Meantime, you can read about the successful 9th installment on September 7, 2011 at the University Golf Club. More than 100 golfers and diners enjoyed themselves immensely while contributing close to $40,000 to Just Aid. For the full account, visit the 2011 Event page at

Something to replace the annual golf tournament will be organized in 2013. More information in due course.

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Recent Reforms and Just Aid

While changes are taking place in Burma, the border regions remain as urgently in need of funding as ever. In fact, the needs of the Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) are now more urgent than ever before. The Clinic has faced many funding cuts, yet the amount of people affected by the violence and displacement on the border has not decreased with the changes taking place in other areas of the country.

The refugees in Thailand are hopeful but not yet persuaded to return to Burma, and many ethnic Burmese from the border regions continue to make the treacherous journey to Mae Sot to the MTC to receive medical treatment. The staff at the Clinic have had to cut their already meagre stipends by 20%, and they face the threat of not being able to provide food rations to the 3,000 unaccompanied children that depend on them to survive.

The situation at the Mae Tao Clinic, and for the Back Pack Health Worker Team (BPHWT), remains dire.

Donations are still crucial and directly related to the survival not only of the Clinic, but to lives as well. Please continue to help Just Aid's mandate to provide critical support to the MTC and BPHWT by donating today.

For more information, please see: and/or

Donations can be made directly to the Mae Tao Clinic at

For a Canadian Tax receipt, make a donation to Just Aid by clicking on either the "Make a donation" page or the "Donate Now/Canada Helps" button from the menu. Official receipts for Canadian tax purposes are issued for donations of $25 or more. All funds raised by Just Aid are forwarded to the Mae Tao Clinic and Back Pack Health Worker Team.

What is the Just Aid Foundation?

Established as a registered Canadian charity in 2006, the mission of the Foundation is to: assist individuals and groups adversely affected by the failure of democracy in Burma; raise public awareness of the situation in Burma; provide financial, technical and other support to community initiatives intended to improve the living conditions of people in Burma, as well as Burmese people on or near Burma’s borders and in displaced communities elsewhere; and provide financial and direct assistance to organizations engaged in delivering or receiving any form of health care, in assisting others to access health care, or in health promotion.

Why Burma?

An army coup overthrew the last democratically-elected government in 1962. The ensuing military regimes have been among the world’s most brutal violators of human rights. The country is in an almost permanent state of civil war. Summary executions, forced labour, torture, compulsory relocation, land confiscation, and the systematic use of rape as a weapon of war have been widely documented. The result is an estimated one million internallydisplaced people, particularly in the ethnic states of Burma, and more than a million (some say closer to two million) refugees in neighbouring Thailand, India, Bangladesh, China, as well as in nearby Malaysia.

Why Help?

This large-scale displacement of people has created a humanitarian and human rights crisis both inside and outside the country. The internally-displaced have little or no access to basic human services except for whatever assistance is provided from neighbouring countries. Rates of maternal mortality and morbidity for displaced Burmese women are among the highest in the world. The conditions for most of the external refugees and migrants in the region are not much better. Over 800 Karen refugees were resettled in Canada in 2006, and Canada has announced that 2,000 more will be accepted. But the increased public awareness tends to focus on Canada’s role as a host country instead of the root causes of the dramatic and devastating movement of people in and from Burma.

What Help?

Displaced people have created organizations to develop health services, schools, orphanages, refugee camps, training programs, and related activities. Women’s groups have developed initiatives that respond to the needs of displaced women. There are now a number of very competent civil society organizations involved in delivering support programs and representing the interests of displaced people. The Foundation currently supports two of these organizations: The Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) and the Back Pack Health Worker Team (BPHWT). In accordance with its registered corporate objective, the Foundation provides funds to the respected Canadian charity Inter Pares which works closely with an NGO in Thailand called the Burma Relief Centre. The BRC supports community-based organizations in the areas of health, women, youth, community development, human rights, environment and information/media. The Foundation’s funds are directed to the MTC and the BPHWT.

Mae Tao Clinic

The MTC in Mae Sot, Thailand, estimates that it provides medical services to a target population of 150,000 displaced people on the Thai- Burma border. The clinic employs 200 health workers, logistical and administrative staff and physicians who provide an array of health services with a particular focus on women and children. The MTC is also a major training center, organizing and conducting training for medics who are deployed at the clinic or elsewhere in the border region. See much more about the MTC in the Supported organizations/activities page.

Back Pack Health Worker Team

The BPHWT, also based in Mae Sot, trains and coordinates paramedic teams that provide primary health care, health education, and emergency services to displaced people in Karen, Mon, and Karenni States of Burma. The courageous paramedics perform their perilous work in both ceasefi re and combat zones. See much more about the BPHWT in the Supported organizations/activities page.